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Upper West Side

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The Upper West Side has it all when it comes to fashion; hot vintage, cool denim, and high-end designer shoes. Cool in Your Code explores this west end to bring you the best in uptown fashion.

First stop is CPW where girls looking for a little chic are sure to shop. They offer vintage inspired clothing paired with a

modern twist. They consistently stock the hottest designers and denim is never in short supply.

495 Amsterdam Ave

Next up is Allan & Suzi, for over 20 years this store has been the hub of uptown vintage. With everything from couture to feather boas, you’re sure to find something you like. Celebrities and locals alike make Alan and Suzi a must stop shop for a one of a kind look.


416 Amsterdam Ave.

The last stop on our tour is Plaza Too, specializing in designer shoes for you, your mother, and your grandmother. Their collection ranges from elegant to whimsical and will definitely have you dancing!


2231 Broadway


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dress code


A caravan is most commonly known as a large group of traders or travelers who strike out on a journey together through hostile territories. In the jungles of New York City, it’s important for consumers to band together and do the same. It’s a dangerous world out there for the uninformed shopper, so sharing as many resources and tricks as one can is a necessity for survival in this city!

East Village Dress Code

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