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CiNYC’s very own “Fashion Goddess” is getting personal. Stay tuned as Sasha, our shopping guru and expert on all things fabulous, takes you along on her designer sojourns, treks down Fifth Avenue, and her indefatigable quests for her ultimate passion…shoes! This Code Words contributor will help you find your inner fashionista…and give her some fashion tips.

Favorite NY Moments

After a day of looking thru racks and racks of overly trendy clothing and mu-fuggly accessories on 5th Avenue, I do something that acts as a cleansing. I walk over to YSL on 57th Street. You arrive and the chic hits you like a stack of bricks. The scent? Rich. The bags? Salivating. The shoes? Overwhelming! The cosmetics and fragrance-spritz here and there and maybe I will take the walk up the dark steps-hope I don’t trip on the way up-to look at magnificent clothes that I can’t afford.
The favorite shoe of the moment (of every moment) is the Tribute sandal. There is something marvelous about shoes so high that only a hooker can work them. I got use to this look over a year ago when the first Maryjane style hit the floor. After that I was smitten. 5-6 inches at least. I’m such a midget-I need the height and the length. With the shoes, I’m tall and fierce.

Red Sandal 160_120.jpg

The good news is that taller, more fearful women may also indulge in this must-have lunacy because it comes shorter. The platform is still there but you don’t have to be a pole dancer to wear them. Love love love them. They come in many dazzling colors but the new cracked gold leather is BE-YOND! Plus Heidi Klum, Kate Moss, Ashley Olsen and Ashlee Simpson all have them-so what’s NOT to love. I’m so easily influenced!

Gold sandal 160_120.jpg

Steep? $760. Yes. But they’re a slice of heaven. You cannot go wrong making an investment purchase at YSL. Everything that is in fashion/style right now- all has roots in YSL. The old grand master Yves Saint Laurent himself NEVER got it wrong and Stefano Pilati, the current creative director-is moving it forward but always maintaining the chic and making it right. Stop whining and go buy inexpensive clothing at H&M or recycle the summer stuff that you wore two years ago-that’s back in fashion. No one will notice. But they will notice old shoes. Indulge! It’s one of my favorite Calgon-ish moments! YSL..take me away!

Yves Saint Laurent
3 E 57th Street , 10022

What’s your favorite shoe of the moment?

Post a comment below and let us know!

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