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For more than 20 years, the dancer-illusionists of MOMIX have been creating living art pieces under the guidance of Moses Pendleton. Five dramatically different shows use props, humor, music, and the human body to create surrealistic images of the everyday world around us, as well as the spiritual one which inspires us. Opus Cactus, Sun Flower Moon, and MOMIX in Orbit bring a desert landscape to the stage, create vignettes of light and shadow, and incorporate multimedia for a journey out of this world. Baseball evokes the essence of spirit created only by America’s pastime. Spirituality is explored and brought to life with the collaboration of Peter Gabriel and his powerful score in Passion. While performing at The Joyce Theater in Chelsea, this innovative Artistic Director and Choreographer discusses how these sensual and athletic moving sculptures continue to evolve.


The Joyce Theater
175 8th Avenue, 10011


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local flavor

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