local flavor

Coney Island

If you crave more than just ocean waves and sunrays at the beach, head to Coney Island.

Water Taxi Beach

If you’re not in the mood to battle highway traffic or suffer on a sweaty subway just for some seashells by the seashore, hitch a ride on the New York Water Taxi and head for Water Taxi Beach.

Brooklyn VI

Cast a line off the Brooklyn VI and you could reel in a prize-winning tuna, mackerel, or even a bluefish. Captain Rob has caught them all at one point, and so have his patrons.

Staten Island School of Rock

Chuck your “how to play an instrument” book and hit the recording studio strumming with the help of the Staten Island School of Rock.

Morris-Jumel Mansion

The Morris-Jumel Mansion, Manhattan’s oldest house, once served as George Washington’s headquarters.

Works Engineering

Gearhead Eric Green has the best of bikes and beers with Works Engineering, his very own vintage motorcycle repair shop connected to Bar Matchless.