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All My Sons

All My Sons is a story that is twisted with love and war with a secret at the end that could destroy them all. With a star-studded cast of John Lithgow and Katie Holmes and a great story, viewers will not be disappointed.


This jet powered comedy is about the hilarious story of Bernard, an American architect living in Paris, and the juggling of his three flight attendant fiancés. Needless to say Bernard hits some major turbulence as the story unfolds and the flight pattern gets full.

Young Frankenstein

It’s Alive! The story is of Dr. Frankenstein as he tries to bring his Grandfathers dream of a dead corps to life. However, this story doesn’t end without some hilarious and scary scenes along the way.


Equus, the highly anticipated and controversial play of the year, has arrived. The provocative story of a stable boy, played by Harry Potters Daniel Radcliffe, and a psychiatrist who seek the mysteries of sex and religion.

Fyvush Finkel

“It’s the audience that makes you a star.” Well, since 1934 audiences have delighted in the acting talents of Brooklyn-born Fyvush Finkel, who goes Back on the Block with CiNYC Host Hank through Manhattan’s Lower East Side.