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For expert techniques and great grooming gear, head over to eShave in 10022. This shave shop carries artistic, hand-crafted brushes and razors, as well as products that will transform your shaving experience. The entire eShave line is on display in this open, modern boutique. Free consultations are also available for personalized tips. “It is my vision that one day, everyone will use a shaving brush, just as everyone, today, uses a toothbrush,” says Danielle Malka, president of eShave. The future is filled with eShave’s finely tuned tools that leave your skin irresistibly smooth.

993 B 1st Avenue, 10022



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dress code


A caravan is most commonly known as a large group of traders or travelers who strike out on a journey together through hostile territories. In the jungles of New York City, it’s important for consumers to band together and do the same. It’s a dangerous world out there for the uninformed shopper, so sharing as many resources and tricks as one can is a necessity for survival in this city!

East Village Dress Code

For the ultimate mix of old and new, and a little something all its own, head to the East Village. Vintage toys, magazines and clothes of all kinds can be found at Love Saves The Day. If you are missing your School House Rock lunchbox, smurf miniatures, or an awesome 80’s era leather jacket, you can probably find it here in Leslie Herson’s home for all things nostalgic.

Jackson Heights Dress Code

Below the rumbles of the 7 train on 74th Street, you’ll discover the colorful world of Little India in 11372. In addition to their multicultural culinary offerings, Jackson Heights has got you covered when it comes to sari shopping and ethnic jewelry.