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Donovan’s Pub

There is an old Irish saying that reads, “Men are like bagpipes – no sound comes from them until they are full.” This might explain why there is never a quiet (or dull) moment at 11377’s famous burger joint – Donovan’s Pub!

Woodside: Queens’ Little Melting Pot

After World War II, Woodside, Queens was a regular chip off the ole’ Blarney Stone, with Irish stores, restaurants, pubs and people lining the Roosevelt Avenue strip and its surrounding neighborhoods. Mayor Bloomberg’s goal of assisting and preserving New York’s small businesses has resulted in a recent influx of diversity to 11377.

Woodside Pub Crawl

Pub scouting is practically a sport in Woodside, where the Irish influence is apparent on every block.

The Cuckoo’s Nest

The Cuckoo’s Nest has a little bit of everything you might want at a bar.