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If one were asked to sketch the outline of a book, most would draw a rectangular shape with some kind of hard or paperback cover encapsulating a stack of papers.  Said drawing would not be inaccurate – it would just be lacking imagination.  Unfortunately a lack of imagination had become a far too common occurrence in the literary and publishing worlds, which is why a group of artists tried challenging the status quo by founding the non-profit organization Booklyn back in 1999.

This artist-run organization works to unite the writer, artist and reader through a mutual appreciation of creativity and discovery.  Based out of Greenpoint, Booklyn helps its artists and writers to distribute, sell and make their own books.  The organization is dedicated to its mission of promoting their writers’ books as both literary resources and works of art – especially in a market overrun by mass production and conformity.  Booklyn offers classes, workshops, and lectures to all those interested in the creative and historical aspects of literature and bookmaking.  They also willingly assist artists and authors in publishing and distributing their works by providing them with access to the organization’s technology and skilled professionals, in addition to their ever-increasing audience base.  This organization provides a unique and organic forum for book lovers abound to share in their appreciation for literature and hand crafted works.  In this segment, show hosts Shirley and Christopher explore the craftsmanship behind this innovative organization!

Booklyn Artists Alliance

37 Greenpoint Avenue, 11222


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local flavor

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