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Floating the Apple


In the warmer weather months when the sun is beating down on the New York City pavement and your body is being cooked from all angles, it is often difficult to remember that Manhattan is an island with easily accessible bodies of water.  Most people escape the city to avoid the heat and try to take advantage of natural surroundings elsewhere.  That is why the community-based organization Floating the Apple is working to alter New Yorkers’ impression of their island by promoting easy access to some of New York City’s greatest prized possessions.   More »

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  • NewbieNYC


    New to New York City? Unsure of how to start looking for an apartment? Curious about where you can start making friends? For many of these answers, you can turn to New York City newbie, Mary Hilton’s blog. She made the move to the city from Washington D.C. a few years ago.

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  • Booklyn


    If one were asked to sketch the outline of a book, most would draw a rectangular shape with some kind of hard or paperback cover encapsulating a stack of papers. Said drawing would not be inaccurate – it would just be lacking imagination. Unfortunately a lack of imagination had become a far too common occurrence in the literary and publishing worlds, which is why a group of artists tried challenging the status quo by founding the non-profit organization Booklyn back in 1999.

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  • Donovan’s Pub

    Donovan’s Pub

    There is an old Irish saying that reads, “Men are like bagpipes – no sound comes from them until they are full.” This might explain why there is never a quiet (or dull) moment at 11377’s famous burger joint – Donovan’s Pub!

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  • Caravan


    A caravan is most commonly known as a large group of traders or travelers who strike out on a journey together through hostile territories. In the jungles of New York City, it’s important for consumers to band together and do the same. It’s a dangerous world out there for the uninformed shopper, so sharing as many resources and tricks as one can is a necessity for survival in this city!

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  • Socially Superlative

    Socially Superlative

    For those people who in High School just missed being voted the hippest, liveliest, or most fun person in the grade, there is now a new site for them to redeem their past social misfortunes.

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  • Dan’s Chelsea Guitars

    Dan’s Chelsea Guitars

    With commercial real estate prices forever on the rise, landmark novelty shops like Dan’s Chelsea Guitars are slowly (and sadly) becoming a rarity in this fine city. Luckily for all of the city’s would be guitar heroes…Dan’s Chelsea Guitars is still standing!

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  • Guerilla Shopper

    Guerilla Shopper

    Being a bargain hunter, with a taste for the finer things in life, is no less than a full time job; and most New Yorkers just can’t find the time in their already hectic lives. So what’s a thrifty shopper to do? Rely on the Guerilla Shopper – that’s what!

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  • Burn the Bowery

    Burn the Bowery

    Do you feel as if your iTunes library is lacking? Is Pandora no longer exciting your aural senses? Are your musical preferences the butt of your hipster friends’ jokes? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Burn the Bowery and it’s creator Steve are here to help.

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  • Code Words: Guerilla Shopper

    Code Words: Guerilla Shopper

    Want to look like a million bucks without spending anywhere near that? Who doesn’t? The Guerilla Shopper has mastered the fine art of finding a great deal.

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  • Feisty Foodie

    Feisty Foodie

    Has hunger struck your zip code, or maybe just your belly? Don’t fret! The Feisty Foodie has your stomach’s best interests at heart. Yvo, aka the feisty foodie, uses her blog to keep every New Yorker’s inner gastronome alive and well fed.

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