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Want to look like a million bucks without spending anywhere near that? Who doesn’t? The Guerilla Shopper has mastered the fine art of finding a great deal. Her Code Word column will decode where to shop, eat, and spend your hard earned dough – while keeping you out of debt. This Guerilla Shopper is in the trenches of New York City, now you can join her!

Is it a Sin? John Varvatos Store: 10003

OK, I am only going to say this once and MUCH to my chagrin: the new John Varvatos store in the old CBGBs space is like the ultimate goth rock bachelor pad. It kicks so much ass. It truly does. I really wanted to hate it and spit in its general direction, but whomever they hired to design and architect it should win an award.

It appears that they have kept the old walls and some of the old details. It is painted entirely black and features an altar of burning candles in red glass holders as well as a giant black chandelier that is actually a bunch of regular-sized chandeliers that are grouped together on the ceiling to take on the vibe of a giant alien-like lighting phenomenon. There is a section of old school high-end stereo equipment and on the other wall a bunch of old rock vinyl. There are giant stained glass windows hanging high on the wall where the middle of the bar used to dwell. There are pictures and posters of all the regular suspect rockers on the walls.

Oh! And the men’s clothes and shoes are exceptional as well. However they are rather expensive (a $900 cotton sport coat?), so I’m not sure who will actually shop here. Young up-and-comers can’t afford it. Real rock stars will get it for free. So I guess the merch at Varvatos will be worn by those who are a fortunate combination of the two.

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