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If you think you have to be part of a couple to get the most out of life, think again. Our Code Word contributor, Sherri Langburt, is full of expert advice on life beyond dating. Whether it’s travel ideas, beauty tips, financial guidance, or recipes for entertaining, the founder of lifestyle blog Single Edition has something to say. Log on to find new ways to enjoy your freedom and get the most out of single life!

It’s Not Who You Know…It’s Who You’re Willing to Talk To
Tips for Happier, Healthier and Friendlier Hook Ups

As children our parents teach us never to talk to strangers. This life lesson in safety does not translate well as we get older. Some of the best and most interesting connections are made when unintentional conversations are initiated.

Take Jamie, the 40 year old television producer from Manhattan, who has been enlisting the business consulting services of Susan, for more than a year after connecting with her on a crowded subway train. Many of our Single Edition subscribers reported similar happy hook-up tales that were enriching, educational and entertaining when they suspended their stranger danger concerns.

If you are not blessed with the gift of glib or serendipitous situations do not come your way, you may want to consider these helpful tips:

1. Disregard Dating: Individuals that fixate on finding that next special someone fail to engage with otherwise interesting people the minute they are disqualified from the dating pool. If you are consumed with picking up, try linking up with those around you instead. When you relinquish the constant quest for love, you will likely find many other fulfilling forms of companionship.

2. Don’t Discriminate: When it comes to the chemistry of friendship, there are no set rules of attraction. Don’t shy away from people who are older or judge them on outward appearances. Susan whose chance encounter with Jamie led to a working arrangement now confesses she thought he was a nerdy kid straight out of college because of the knapsack and tuque he was toting that morning. Approaching each new person without pre-conceived opinions will open many doors.

3. Suspend Suspicion: When in the company of strangers it’s only natural to have doubts. However not everyone comes to you with ill or calculated intentions. The best way to play it safe is to trust your gut. By letting your intuition guide you’ll be able to eke out the good from the bad within minutes of a conversation.

4. Forgo the Happy Hermit: If take-out and HBO are a nightly activity then it’s time to turn on that Tivo. Don’t let venturing out solo give you angst – chances are you will not be alone for long. People are fascinated with others who have the courage, confidence and desire to be alone and will likely strike up a conversation. So find a local dining spot to call your own, sign up for that language course you’ve been meaning to take or simply head to the local bookstore for some literary browsing.

5. Crack the Habit: Does your life play the movie Ground Hog Day? One of the best ways to break the monotony of single living is by changing up your routine. Instead of the isolating car ride, try commuting by bus, subway or train where each ride is a social adventure. Swap out the tiresome treadmill for a group spin class or surf the net at an Internet café rather than in the confines of your living room.


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