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Guerilla Shopper: Wearable Wedding Wear

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Jill Anderson: Wearable Wedding Wear

It’s wedding season gals (or so I’ve heard)! Are you getting hitched? Are you the David’s Bridal or Vera Wang type? If you answered “yes” and “no” – in that order – you may want to check out Jill Anderson on E. 9th St.

Ms. Anderson offers “Wearable Wedding Wear” to those women who would probably be a bit more low key than perhaps the typical image of a bridezilla. One of the theories behind the customizable “Parachute Dress” (pictured here), is not so much that you should breakdance or skydive while wearing it, but more that you can and will wear it again. And maybe even again and again. Make it longer, shorter, fuller, lined, red, green, blueindigoviolet. It’s your big day dammit!

Ms. Anderson’s shop also features various jewelry pieces. However, I think the jewelry from Ike Designs would be more appropriate for brides-to-be looking for something special to wear with their Wearable Wedding Wear. My advice would to be contact Dori O’Dea, the designer behind Ike, as her Web site only reveals a small portion of her delicately lovely wares.

I do. Do you?

Jill Anderson
331 East 9th Street, 10003

Ike Designs

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