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Mahayana Buddhist Temple

It’s no mystery that New York City is one of the most religiously diverse locales in the United States. A casual stroll around this metropolis will lead you to some of the most breath-taking churches, mosques, and temples in the world – all of them dotting this city’s street corners. Next time you find yourself next to the Manhattan Bridge, be sure to take a step inside the Mahayana Buddhist Temple. It was once the old Rosemary Theater but is now home to the largest Buddhist Temple in New York City. Upon entering, take note of the two golden lions that stand guard at the Temple’s entrance. These lions serve to protect the Temple against evil spirits. Once inside be certain to rub the belly of the largest Buddha statue in the city – since it is believed to bring luck, wealth, and prosperity. And before you leave, indulge in having your fortune read for only a dollar! Join Show Hosts Shirley and Brandon as they visit this sacred structure in search of inner peace…and hugs.

Mahayana Buddhist Temple
133 Canal St # 1, 10002

What are some of the most magnificent buildings in New York?

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  • By Denise Nesbitt – 02-12-10 at 10:23 pm

    I’m interested in finding a teacher near where I live in West Virginia. It is too far to drive to New York. I see there are temples in Washington D.C. but would rather find something closer. I live in Hedgesville, WV. It is near Martinsburg WV and near Winchester VA or Hagerstown Md. Any suggestions?

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