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Tenement Museum

The Lower East Side is full of deliscious treats and and must see streets where the old and the new come together for a cultural experience like none other. One exciting and informative stop is the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. “There was originally no central lighting, no central heat, no indoor plumbing, and no running water inside this building,” said Steve Long, Vice President of Collections and Education at the Tenement Museum. Located inside an actual tenement building from 1863, one step inside and you are instantly transported to a world inhabited by the first immigrants. “It kind of sounds like living in a log cabin here in the middle of New York City, but three-quarters of New York lived in spaces just like this 100 years ago,” Long informs us. The apartments in the museum have been recreated to reflect the living quarters of the many families who lived there. It is estimated that 7,000 people called the museum headquarters home at one point. Who knows? Your roots could lie right on the Lower East Side. Drop by for a guided tour.


108 Orchard Street, 10002


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local flavor

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