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Village Scandal


Retro chic is in abundance at Village Scandal in 10003. This small shop originally offered 20’s and 30’s vintage clothing before their love of hats blossomed into a full-fledged specialty. Now they make their own 1920’s Cloche hats as well as custom designed pieces to suit individual style. All their merchandise is locally designed and they even stay open late on the weekends for the after hours McSorley’s crowd.

www. villagescandal.com

19 East 7th Street, 10003


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dress code


A caravan is most commonly known as a large group of traders or travelers who strike out on a journey together through hostile territories. In the jungles of New York City, it’s important for consumers to band together and do the same. It’s a dangerous world out there for the uninformed shopper, so sharing as many resources and tricks as one can is a necessity for survival in this city!

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