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Stuff Hipsters Don’t Like

You might be a hipster if, like Lola Wakefield, your research into this fascinating culture of indie rock fans, thrift store shoppers, and vegetarians, painted a picture of, well, you. Lola began writing Stuff Hipsters Don’t Like after moving to Williamsburg and hoping to try and document these strange skinny, night owls who never seem to work, only to discover she may actually be one. “’Oh the ridiculous hipsters,’ I would think to myself, smiling on the inside,” Lola explains. “But then something unexpected happened – I began to encounter people who described me – ME!- as a hipster. ‘Nonsense,’ I thought. But I began to worry that what they said was true.” Join Lola on her journey of self discovery and mocking on this biting and “hip” blog.

Tell us about your blog. It all began the second day I was living in New York. The guy I was subletting from introduced me to one of his friends who took me to the free movie screening of A Wet Hot American Summer at McCarren Pool. I was amazed because I had never in my life seen so many hipsters in one contained location before. I decided then and there that, lacking another writing outlet or any sort of employment for that matter, I would devote my literary energy to documenting hipsters in Williamsburg.

There was also the matter of my pseudo identity crisis, which I like to refer to as “My Hipster Dilemma.” Some people will tell me definitively that I am a hipster, citing various compelling reasons, while others assure me I am not. I got the conflicting responses when I was living in Ann Arbor, but it’s 10 times as bad in Williamsburg, leading me to believe I am, and probably always will, be a hipster fence-sitter. So, in making the decision to study the hipsters of Williamsburg, I embarked on a mission to learn about myself and what it really means to be a “hipster.”

What brought you to New York?

Journalism. The better question is, “What brought you to Williamsburg?”
I was talking to my friend who went to the Parson’s New School about what part of Brooklyn was best to live in. “What about Williamsburg?” I asked. “Ew, no. That place is crawling with hipsters,” she replied. Of course I started searching Craigslist the very next day.

What do you love about living in New York?

Everything. Throughout my youth, I’ve always been discontent with how slow things move, how boring people are, and how few options there always seem to be. I don’t have any of those complaints here, and I’ve never been happier.

What do you think makes a New Yorker?

New Yorkers are completely desensitized to the non-stop weirdness that happens around them. I’m pretty sure if you teleported one to a small town in Kansas or something, the displaced New Yorker would appear catatonic to the townspeople, while a small-towner from Kansas teleported to New York would be startled by everything and immediately have a seizure.

New Yorkers are constantly networking and seem to know everyone. At first I would walk around aimlessly, not recognizing a single face, but now when I walk down Bedford avenue, I get greetings both from people I have legitimately befriended and also the odd “Hey, Blogger Girl!” Also, New Yorkers are used to getting dripped on when it is not raining, whereas non-New Yorkers are alarmed by that.

What surprises you about New York or New Yorkers?

For how many people there are in this big city, I still find myself marveling at those “What a small world it is” moments. Before I moved, I figured that living here I would see people once and never again.

When you leave New York, what do you miss the most?

I haven’t left yet, and don’t expect to any time soon.

Best tips, tricks or insider info?

Hipsters are not as mean as they appear to be. In fact, it’s the ones who look the most intimidating (eg: angular haircuts, meaningless tattoos) that are the biggest softies. Though, this only applies if you don’t act like a total douchebag when you approach them.

Best corny tourist attraction that you secretly love?

Does McCarren Park count? Probably only for hipster tourists, but whatev. I actually enjoy going to most of the hipster stomping grounds that I write about. That’s why my job is awesome. I get to go out and have a great time partying with hipsters (who definitely know how to party) and get great material for my blog.

Best place to dine late night?

The Charleston or the Alligator Lounge. Both of those places give you a free personal pizza when you order a beer – which is not overpriced like I expected. I mean, I like beer, I like pizza, everybody likes FREE stuff. It’s a triple-win situation!

Best live music venue?

Well is WAS the McCarren Park Pool Parties, no doubt, but the hipsters kind of messed that one up by letting the anti-gentrification yuppies dominate the City Council meetings. Now, I would have to say the Mercury Lounge, although that’s not in Williamsburg. Hipsters seem to like the grungy basement of The Charleston as well.

Last cultural thing that you did (movie, museum, theatre, etc…)

I participated in the Mr. and Miss Williamsburg Pageant. What’s more American that good ol’ fashioned pageantry, right? That was pretty much a circus, but fun nonetheless.

Best kept secret (shop / restaurant / attraction) in your neighborhood?

I am fearful of disclosing this information, as it’s usually pretty relaxed when I go there late at night and I don’t want it to become overrun by hipsters in search of “cool.” But Maracuja on Grand Street is the best place ever. Everything aesthetic about the place is perfect and it’s run by this adorable couple who seem to still be completely infatuated with each other. They bartend, cook, play good music and are awesome to talk to. There’s also really good group seating and a magical garden in back.

Best cheap fashion steals?

BEACON’S CLOSET. You can find really hot designer dresses that still have their $300 price tags on being sold for $30. The catch is, that stuff is mixed in with the Forever21 and Urban stuff too, so you have to really dig. Also, I would say the Salvation Armies all over Brooklyn and Manhattan. Screw elitist assholes who say they’re dirty and stuff; those places are treasure troves!

Strangest New York moment?

When my blog stalker showed up to my work with gin and a bag of candy.

Favorite NY irony?

*That nobody from Williamsburg is actually from Williamsburg. It’s like a big University where the curriculum is sleeping until 4, drinking Bloody Marys and being unemployed!

*That you can’t buy liquor and chasers in the same store! I don’t know why but this one really confuses me.

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  • By Joanna – 08-26-09 at 8:52 pm

    cool article…there are a few of us natives born and raised here in me! =)

  • By jay – 01-24-10 at 9:40 pm

    Luv willie burgh. I worked there and fellin love with the place. Def. A hot spot.

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