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Murray’s Cheese Shop

There’s nothing stinky about shopping for fromage at Murray’s Cheese shop. One of a kind customer service, not to mention the amazing variety, keeps people coming back. “I don’t work for Murray, I work for the customers. I don’t live for Cielo, I live for the customers.” Cheese monger Cielo Peralta knows a thing or two about the dairy delicacy and this dedication keeps patrons enthralled. Cielo started working with cheese over 17 years ago and joined Murray’s in 1995. He loves cheese, and though he’s the first to kid, “I know nothing about cheese, you asked the wrong guy!” he in fact can tell you anything you want to know about over 250 cheeses. Murray’s carries as many cheeses on any given day and Cielo has a knack for guessing what kind of cheese you are going to like. “The biggest thing I do here,” he admits, “is get people to try new varieties.”

254 Bleecker Street, 10014

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