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Lilli and Loo: Gluten Free Gastronomy

If you’re living with Celiac’s Disease you know that restaurant dining can be risky. However, a safe culinary experience is waiting to be had on Lexington Avenue at Lilli and Loo, a restaurant that works with the Gluten Intolerance Group to offer patrons gluten-free Asian cuisine in addition to their standard fare.

NYC Food Guy: Shorty’s Cheese Steaks

New Yorkers rejoice, Shorty’s has answered your cheese steak prayers.


Dining at Papatzul is like an adventurous escape south of the border. Head Chef and Mexico City native Thierry Amezcua brings his homeland to 10013 and gives it a modern twist.

Meli Melo

New York City’s unofficial French mayor holds court in 10016, at the stove of culinary cafeteria Meli Melo. When owner and chef, Bernard Ros, opened in 1996, the surrounding neighborhood had little to offer, but Ros brought a vision for rich cuisine and a fresh, inviting setting.

NYC Food Guy

I am the NYC Food Guy. My blog has the same name. Food is the simplest pleasure in life next to love and laughter, that’s my philosophy.

Chelsea Brewing Company

What better place to sip a beer in New York City than Chelsea Brewing Company, the largest microbrewery in all of Manhattan.